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The Mission

The Mission of the Coffeenauts and The Cosmos Coffeehouse is to provide a place for Cosmonauts to feel at home and be able to chat with fellow like minded individuals.

As well as providing a place to build a community, was created in order to help onboard new users into the Cosmos ecosystem as well as provide a directory for more advanced space explorers who have trouble keeping up with the new discoveries in the Cosmos.

In order to continue to build our sense of community and comradery The Cosmos Coffeehouse has decided to launch an NFT Collection to which the community can use to identify themselves as a true “Coffeenaut”.

The Funds from the Coffeenauts mint will go to helping fund The Cosmos Coffeehouse, as well as giving back to the community at large.

The Cosmos Coffeehouse will be Donating 10% of our minting proceeds to the YouTube channel of Cosmos Joe, @CosmosDefi on Twitter, to help continue to push forward education in the Cosmos and to show that the community cares about creators.

We have chosen to make this donation to the Cosmos Joe channel specifically because we believe he has a very good potential to provide top of the line interviews and information going forward into the future. Joe has a unique interview style and is active across many different platforms as well as ecosystems.

Cosmos Joe has also been a Patron of The Cosmos Coffeehouse since the very beginning and we believe in giving back to our community.

Find the Cosmos Joe Youtube Channel Here:

We hope you will join our exploration into the planet Java, Cosmonauts! 


We thank you all for your support from the bottom of our Coffee warmed heart and hope to see you with a Coffeenaut soon!

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