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The Coffeenauts

The Coffeenauts are a collection of 250 AI Generated 1/1 NFT’s created by

The Cosmos Coffeehouse and Mr. Robot, our resident AI. 

(Who happens to have created a self portrait in the collection…)

The initiative of the Coffeenauts Art Collection is to work with AI to create a collaboration between Man and machine, Animals and Coffee. 

Like the Coffeehouse we want to blend communities and ideas, bridging NFT Art and Traditional styles to bring something unique to the space with our own Coffeehouse Flavor.

Species and Traits

There are 220 Animal NFT’s that make up the bulk of the collection.

These are split into 20 Different Species of Animals with 11 of each species in the collection.

Each Animal can have 1 Species and 1 of 14 Potential Traits.

The remaining 30 NFT’s are composed of 25 “Mythic” NFT’s.


and 5 “Coffeehouse Relics”

More Details on Species and Traits HERE

We will be Donating 10% of the Minting Proceeds to:

the Cosmos Joe (Cosmos Defi) YouTube channel.


As a contributor to the Cosmos and the Coffeehouse since we first started to brew we wanted to give back in a way we feel will benefit the community as a whole.


The Coffeenauts will be Minting On:


White List: 1/27 1 pm EST / 18:00 UTC

Public Mint: 1/28 1 pm EST / 18:00 UTC

WL will have a 24 Hour window to allow Coffeehouse members from around the world to mint their WL without too much trouble. 

There will only be 40 White Lists available

with only 1 WL Mint per wallet.


The Coffeenauts will be minting for:

950 $STARS Public


700 $STARS White List.

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